Sample Menus

All our canapés are freshly made minutes before being served to your guests.  We offer a range of canapés and we are always introducing new recipes to our menu.


Our canapés can be served individually by our waiters at your events or they can be served as starters  as part of a set meal. 

Please see below for some of the canapés we offer and you can make suggestions when you enquire about your event if there are any specific canapes you would like but cannot see below.  


Honey and lemon prawns on cucumber bites

Cucumber and smoked salmon

Battered king prawns

Courgette Curls with Salmon & Cream Cheese

Watermelon, Cured Ham and Feta Mini-Skewers

Smoked salmon, cottage cheese and rocket rolls

Thai fish cakes

Prawn cocktail


Avocado & prawn crostini

Crushed potatoes with smoked salmon toppers




Sweet Potato and parsley fritters (v)

Mini roasted vegetable skewers (v)

Vegetable spring rolls (v)

Vegetable samosas (v)

Chilly potato cakes (v)

Potato skins with dips (v) 

Plantain and Salsa bites (v)

Antipasti skewers (Meat & Cheese free) (v)

Mini stuffed mushrooms (v)

Baked honey cauliflower bites (v) 

Roasted grapes and jalapenos on sweet potato crostini (v) 


Cheesy chicken and spinach fritters

Mini lamb kebab skewers

Thai chicken skewers

Barbecue pulled pork on cucumber slices 

Mini beef burgers 

Asparagus in Prosciutto

Salami and sun-dried tomato Chorizo, mozzarella and rocket

Beef and pickle bites

Chorizo, Mozzarella and rocket

Beef samosas 

Grilled halloumi and avocado bruschetta 

Scallops and ham pops 

Antipasti skewers