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Wooden Spoon LDN

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At Wooden Spoon LDN, we are dedicated to the craft of good food. Our quality produce and attention to detail makes our dishes some of the most unique fusions of World Foods to be found in Greater London.


Our catering service has received rave reviews and we are intent on bringing our amazing flavours to your sets, no matter how big or small - from a single day music video shoot to a 2 month film production. 

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London, United Kingdom



Location Catering

At Wooden Spoon LDN, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional catering experience for each and every one of our clients, be it a one off day job or a 2 month project. Every new client's experience with Wooden Spoon LDN is always unique. We discuss the details of your event to make sure that the service we provide exceeds your expectations. 

We have experience catering for film, music and photoshoot sets in a variety of locations including studios, warehouses, houses, even forests and airfields! Wherever your location is, we will make it work. 

We offer on-set catering as well as a hot-boxing service. 

Speak to us today about your dietary requirements! We have delicious vegan and gluten-free dishes available and we provide halal options upon request. 

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 Sample Menu

We understand how important it is for the food we provide to have variety, to taste delicious and to be filling! We try our best to make sure this is always evident in the menus we put together for our clients. 

As well as breakfast and lunch, we also offer snacks, sandwiches and wraps in the afternoon - please enquire. 

See below for a typical sample menu that we offer our clients - which we then alter to fit your cast and crew! 

(We also always make sure the food is ready ahead of schedule if needs be, or we can keep it warm for you if you need a little more time on set!) 

Please let us know of any dietary requirements when enquiring. 


Free range eggs (fried & scrambled)
Smoked bacon strips
Cumberland pork sausages/ Vegan sausages
Baked beans
Grilled tomato slices
White & wholemeal sliced bread
Fresh pastries
Greek yogurt, granola & red berries pots
Herbal teas, coffee, apple and orange juice, bottled water


Option 1
Thai green chicken curry
Chickpea, runner beans and aubergine curry (V)

Sticky coconut rice (V)
Garlic and herb naan bread(V)
Roast potatoes sprinkled with thyme and parsley (V)

Fresh garden salad (V)

Option 2
Grilled chicken in a tropical diced mixed bell pepper sauce

Sweet and sticky sesame cauliflower bites (V)

Thai fish cakes (with sweet chilli sauce)

Chunky sweet potato wedges (V)

Watermelon and cucumber salsa (V)

Option 3
Red onion, tomato and mixed pepper stir-fry sprinkled with fresh mixed herbs (V)

Slow cooked pulled pork smothered in Wooden Spoon’s homemade BBQ sauce

Black pepper and spring onion couscous (V)
Creamy mashed potatoes sprinkled with a mixture of fresh herbs (V)
Corn tortilla wraps (V)
Rainbow coleslaw (with sun-dried tomatoes and green olives)
Garden Salad (V)

Option 4
Chicken thighs baked in a blended red pepper and tomato sauce Roasted bell peppers stuffed with spinach, sauté onions and tomatoes (V) Buttered bulgur wheat (V)
Chunky sweet potato wedges (V)
Garden Salad (V)

Option 5
Jerk Chicken

Ratatouille (V)

Mac and three cheeses

Rice & Peas (V)

Rainbow coleslaw (with sundried tomatoes and green olives)

Garden Salad (V)



Option 1
Apple and toffee pie with custard/ crème fresh Fresh fruit platter

Option 2
Vanilla cheese cake with crème fresh Fresh fruit platter

Option 4
Vegan chocolate brownies Fresh fruit platter

Option 5
Vegan ginger cake with custard/ crème fresh Fresh fruit platter


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London, United Kingdom

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